Applied solar energy

By combining design solutions, component sourcing and Specialized Direction, we could offer a price that is competitive to you purchasing and setting up the components yourself.

Here’s why you should consider a Utah Applied Solar Energy bundle. Once you buy from us you'll get:

  • the newest (and best quality) components, made for Utah’s conditions and snowfall lots,
  • a “future-proof” design that can take advantage of new technology as it's developed,
  • a custom design guaranteed to fulfill ever-changing local building requirements,
  • permit application papers,
  • state and Federal income tax credit documents,
  • all components,
  • labor for AC and DC electric interconnection,
  • system screening,
  • commissioning,
  • Specialized Direction for installing rooftop suits,
  • Technical movement for installing (non-energized) AC wiring,
  • using special tooling and fall-protection gear,
  • labor for tasks requiring unique ability, e.g. conduit flexing.

Our Specialized way will show you the “hard-learned” effortless option to do each task, saving you time and money. Our styles specify elements that lower your time spent on the roofing.

Buying and installing the elements yourself, without our involvement, entails the next risks:

  • buying a method that produces less energy over its lifetime, (a poorly created system can produce ten to twenty percent less energy than a properly designed system.)
  • purchasing something that won’t pass assessment,
  • buying a system that neglects the consequence of current degradation as we grow older on inverter overall performance. (Modules usually produce less 20percent less power after 25 many years.)
  • buying low quality, mismatched or outdated components,
  • problems for your property considering inadequate snow load design,
  • injury to your property or injury to household members because incorrectly set up arc-fault or ground-fault gear,
  • injury to your property as a result of makeshift shingling equipment and tools,
  • risk of problems for your self because high-voltage electric shock or falls.

The inverters we supply have actually a 10 year warranty, with the substitute for extend the guarantee to 20 years, from an organization that’s held it's place in presence since 2001. Unlike that of many inverter manufacturers, this guarantee includes the work necessary for removal and replacement.

The modules we offer have actually a 10 year guarantee against problems in material or craftsmanship, and an assured result for 20 years.

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