International solar energy Society

ISES has its own source in Phoenix / Arizona, United States Of America. A small grouping of professional, financial and agricultural frontrunners establishes the Association for used solar technology (AFASE) as a non-profit organization.

1st two essential group meetings are held in Tucson and Phoenix, United States Of America attractting significantly more than 1000 researchers, designers and government officials from 36 different nations.

The association establishes its very first scientific publication "the sunlight in the office".

The first dilemma of "The Journal of solar power, Science and Engineering" is published.

Specialized solar researchers choose that radical changes are needed for the procedure and targets for the Society. Through reorganisation inside the framework of the initial concept title is changed to "The Solar Technology Community". The community is approved because of the us Economic & personal Council (ECOSOC).

Title of this diary is altered to "Solar Technology, The Journal of Solar Energy Science and Technology".
Prof. Farrington Daniels is elected President plus his honour the "Farrington Daniels Award" is established in 1975

Relocation associated with the international Headquarters office to Melbourne, Australia.
First worldwide conference away from American is held in Melbourne, Australian Continent.

Title associated with Community is altered to "Overseas Solar Energy Community".

The initial issue of the ISES magazine "SunWorld" is posted.

ISES celebrates its gold Jubilee in the Solar World Congress in Atlanta, USA.

The"Achievement through Action Award" in memory of Christopher A. Weeks is made.

ISES introduces the "part Sponsorship Programme" by which individuals and sections are able to sponsor sections in establishing nations.

ISES is accepted by the un as a non-governmental organisation (NGO) with consultative condition and actively participates into the United Nations meeting on Environment and Development (UNCED), held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

ISES participates the 2nd meeting of un Commission on lasting Development (CSD) in New York to talk about dilemmas of sustainable development together with interlinkages to renewable energy technologies.

The Headquarters company techniques from Melbourne, Australia to Freiburg, Germany and becomes a focus for intercontinental jobs.

The first lady chosen as President. Prof. Anne Grete Hestnes takes workplace on . ISES participates in the field Summit on lasting Development (WSSD) in Johannesburg, South Africa.

ISES releases the initial by Dr. Donald Aitken, detailing the explanation for efficient government renewable energy guidelines world-wide.

Together with the World Wind Energy Association (WWEA) in addition to Global Hydropower Association (IHA), ISES founds the Global Renewable Energy Alliance (Ren Alliance). Further partners join in 2007 (World Geothermal Association) and 2009 (World Bioenergy Assocation). The objectives associated with the Alliance is always to advance policies that favor the increased deployment and use of renewable energy.

ISES community celebrates its Golden Jubilee at Solar World Congress in Orlando/Florida, USA in August 2005. The ISES publication "The Fifty-Year History of the International solar power community as well as its National Sections" is circulated in the Congress.

ISES releases the next White Paper "fast Transition to a Renewable Energy World", by Prof. Dieter Holm showing a rationale for effective policies to advance renewable energies within the establishing world.

ISES participates in the UN Commission on lasting Development (CSD) 14th session and hosts a side-event centering on green energy in building nations.

ISES inaugurates the Solar Carport during the Headquarters Office, Villa Tannheim in Freiburg.

ISES hosts a side-event focusing on 100percent renewable energy in Asia and Africa on UN Commission on lasting developing (CSD) 15 session.

The gasoline heating system is changed with a lumber pellet heater at the ISES Headquarters - another action towards making the ISES workplaces CO2 neutral.

The second pocket reference books "Wind Energy pouch Reference" is introduced.

The ISES Solar World Congress is held in Johannesburg, South Africa (only the second time the SWC is held regarding the African continent).

The pocket guide book "Passive Solar Architecture" is posted.

ISES hosts a side-event during the UNFCCC meeting associated with Parties 17th Annual Meeting in Durban, Southern Africa together with the partners regarding the REN Alliance. This is the third side-event ISES features organised at the worldwide Climate Change Conferences (in 2008 & 2010).


ISES initiates the ISES webinar show, providing high-quality, sound renewable power training and outreach to on the web members all over the globe. The webinar series continues and is free and accessible to all.


The ISES Solar World Congress 2015 is held in Daegu, Korea and lures over 600 experts and engineers throughout the world. (browse the SWC2015 news release)

The 2015 ISES Awards get to:

  • Farrington Daniels Award ‐ Prof. Richard Perez, American
  • Achievement through Action Award – Prof. Klaus Vajen and his analysis team during the
  • Division of Solar and System Engineering, the Institute of Thermal Energy Engineering, University of Kassel, Germany
Solar Energy International (SEI) - Paonia, CO. - Imagine a
Solar Energy International (SEI) - Paonia, CO. - Imagine a ...
Solar Energy Society of Alberta
Solar Energy Society of Alberta
Solar Energy International
Solar Energy International
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