Solar energy Consulting


Solar Energy consulting and construction business (SECCCO) was started in 2008 to greatly help Somali visitors to use renewable energy resources and renewable building technologies through knowledge, trainings and technical help


Becoming one of several leading power consulting and contracting businesses green energies in Somalia to lower power prices with every task in putting in and developing lasting and environment-safe solar energy.


Our objective should supply the highest possible degree of expert of energy consulting and building solutions for our consumers in an atmosphere of shared help, teamwork, deliver best value and uncompromising honest requirements


• Energy Asking Services

• Basic Solar and trainings

• Manufacturing of Charcoal Improved Stoves

• Designing and implementing of Gully erosion control structures

• Contracting and applying building tasks


• reduce your electrical energy costs (the reason that a lot of families convert their power resource to solar energy is decrease their electrical bill because the electrical use created from the sunshine is no-cost. By converting your home to use solar power, it can save you a significant savings in your resources costs. You will be absolutely astonished in the immediate improvement in your electric costs)

• Solar Is green power source (Typical electrical energy is generated from fossil fuel, which will go out one-day. Our company is dependent on coal-producing energy, which will be bad for our environment. Collectively, we should be worried for our future quality of atmosphere. Solar power is an excellent alternative to replace fossil fuels, as significant energy source. Solar power is green power we get at absolutely no cost)

Solar is environmentally Friendly (the entire world air pollution gets worse. Any energy that can decrease the air pollution to your environment helps you to save your self the earth. Solar panel systems are able to use the vitality from sun and convert it to electrical energy. Solar should-be our main energy source. We ought to every possess initiative to create a positive environmental impact

Solar has bit no upkeep needed (after you have installed the solar power system, it can endure twenty to thirty many years without significant upkeep required. We advice the machine check annually, merely to verify all things are performing since it should.

Kristopher Wallin - Solar Energy Consultant at SolarCity
Kristopher Wallin - Solar Energy Consultant at SolarCity ...
ReVamp Energy - Solar Energy Consultants - Alternative
ReVamp Energy - Solar Energy Consultants - Alternative ...
REC Solar, Reed Richerson, Solar Energy Consultant
REC Solar, Reed Richerson, Solar Energy Consultant
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