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Here at Activ8 Energies, we've been pioneering the development, distribution and installing solar energy panels exclusively for the Irish weather and economy since as far back 2009, and now have no objective of falling behind on that front side. We work constantly, diligently and intensely with all the largest cell producer on earth, GREENoneTEC, in Austria, so that you can make sure that the units we install are fully customised to get results at maximum degrees of efficiency into the unpredictability that's the Irish climate.

The fruit of this intercontinental collaboration with GREENoneTEC ended up being our personal, exclusively Irish-focused Atlas solar power, that has been created particularly to absorb and use as much of sun’s energy as possible in conditions of reduced lighting effects and cloudy, misty or even foggy climate – ideal for use in places like Ireland! Even today, our innovative design is still considered the finest with its course.

Advantages of Solar Energy:

Is-it especially suited to Ireland?

Yes, Activ8 Energies’s original brand of Atlas solar panel systems happen especially designed for used in areas of notoriously solid weather condition including Ireland and UK, with several crucial design features which are regarded as being unique in terms of the renewable power business.

Simply take as an example the pulsating (blinking can be described as thin levels of impervious product, frequently steel although not always, used to stop water from seeping into junctions between roofing products and causing harm) systems which we used in our installations; they're distinctly different to those which can be utilized on roofs in other European countries.

Since the Irish weather condition is commonly a lot more volatile than that which is observed across nearly all of mainland Europe, the slates and tiles that Activ8 Energies use within our cell installation tasks tend to be of various sizes and depths to people who we tend to see on mainland Europe’s roofs and frameworks, and therefore a typical off-the-shelf product is not a viable option as our specially made designs tend to be, putting it simple, made of sterner stuff. Its this structural resilience makes it possible for our bespoke flashing system in the future into a unique. Its even more robustly sturdy design and construction allows it to deflect whatever the usually harsh Irish elements can put at it, leading to greatly paid off lasting upkeep prices and much much better satisfaction for you personally, the client.

Different solar power Types

Another present and innovative modification designed to the classic solar power design by we of engineers here at Activ8 Energies was to swap up to the newest high discerning aluminum absorber. The advantages associated with causeing the modification are as follows:

  • Increased performance
  • Improved visual appearance
  • Cutting-edge laser welding technology (used to absorb thermal expansion)
  • Glass: 3.2mm hardened safety cup (for maximum transmission and strength)

At Activ8 Energies, we provide a complete 10 year warranty on our installments. The typical endurance the average Solar Panel has reached least 25 years – often much more. Actually, it is the scenario where our installments wind up outliving both the individuals who purchased all of them as well as the buildings they truly are affixed to! This is due to the fact that they are not composed of any going or technical parts, then there's no chance of all of them failing.

Advanced Solar Training

Through our exclusive ongoing cooperation with GREENoneTEC, all of our professional Activ8 Energies cell installers, engineers surveyors and sales associates receive a qualification of very specialised trained in Austria from exact same designers whom helped us to develop our advanced level number of bespoke Irish solar energy panels.

An important element of every single one of your designers’ specialised program could be the Solar Energies Assessment. This analysis includes sets from detail by detail training and evaluation regarding the particular installing practices had a need to get our groups of engineers and installers in-and-out of a set up job in just 1 day, right through into the careful quality-control checks that are done on every Activ8 Energies set up to be able to make sure that your solar power panels will remain the test of the time on the roofing, whatever Ireland’s ever-changing weather manages to toss at all of them.

If you want understand more info on Activ8 Energies’ continuous partnership with GREENoneTEC to discover just what else this has delivered to the world’s green power table,

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Ireland - Solar Energy Options in UK Ireland - Panels DIY
Ireland - Solar Energy Options in UK Ireland - Panels DIY
Solar Panel Installation by Ambergreen Energy - UK & Ireland
Solar Panel Installation by Ambergreen Energy - UK & Ireland
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