Solar Powered LED street Lights

Kabul Solar Street Light Venture

Solar street lights are raised light resources which are powered by photovoltaic panels generally speaking mounted on the illumination construction or incorporated within the pole it self. The photovoltaic panels charge a rechargeable battery pack, which powers a fluorescent or LED lamp at night time.


Most solar power panels start and switch off automatically by sensing outdoor light utilizing a light source.Solar streetlights are made to work for the evening. Many can stay lit for more than one night in the event that sun is not designed for a few days. Older designs included lights that have been not fluorescent or LED. Solar lights set up in windy areas are usually built with level panels to higher deal with the winds.

Most recent designs utilize wireless technology and fuzzy control theory for battery pack administration. The road lights using this technology can run as a network with each light getting the convenience of doing on or off the system.


Solar powered road lights

Solar power street lights consist of 5 main parts:

Solar Panel[edit]

The cell is one of the most important components of solar road lights, once the solar panel will convert solar power into electricity. You will find 2 types of solar power: mono-crystalline and poly-crystalline. Conversion price of mono-crystalline solar panel is much more than poly-crystalline.Solar panel tend to be varies from wattage methods.

Lighting Fixture[edit]

LED is usually made use of as burning supply of contemporary solar power street light, while the LED offer higher Lumens with reduced power usage. The energy usage of Light-emitting Diode fixture reaches minimum 50per cent below HPS installation that will be popular as burning resource in Traditional street lights. LEDs insufficient warm-up time additionally allows for utilization of movement detectors for extra effectiveness gains.

Rechargeable Battery[edit]

Battery will store the electricity from solar power during the day and provide energy into the installation during evening. The life span period of this battery is essential towards time of the light additionally the capability associated with the battery will impact the back-up days of the lights. You can find often 2 forms of electric batteries: Gel Cell Deep pattern Battery and Lead Acid Battery and many other.


Controller is also important for solar road light. an operator will most likely opt to switch on /off charging you and burning. Some modern-day controllers tend to be automated so that user can determine the correct change of charging you, lighting and dimming.


Strong Poles are essential to all or any street lights, specifically to solar power street lights as you will find usually components mounted on the top the pole: fixtures, panels and sometimes batteries. But in some more recent styles, the PV panels and all sorts of electronic devices are incorporated into the pole it self. Wind weight is also an issue.

Solar power road light on bus end

Each road light can have its own photo voltaic panel, separate of various other street lights. Alternatively, numerous panels could be installed as a central energy source on a separate place and provide capacity to some street lights.


  • Solar road lights require much less maintenance when compared with old-fashioned street lights.
  • Since outside cables are eliminated, threat of accidents is minimized.
  • This is a non polluting electrical source
  • Individual parts of solar system can be simply carried toward remote places


  • Initial financial investment is higher versus conventional street lights.
  • Threat of theft is greater as gear costs are relatively higher.
  • Snow or dirt, combined with moisture can build up on horizontal PV-panels and lower as well as end power manufacturing.
  • Rechargeable battery packs will have to be changed many times throughout the duration of the accessories contributing to the full total lifetime price of the light.

All in one solar powered LED garden/street light by Sofree
All in one solar powered LED garden/street light by Sofree ...
ARM based Solar Powered LED Street Light with Auto
ARM based Solar Powered LED Street Light with Auto ...
Solar LED Street Lights
Solar LED Street Lights
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