Solar Powered Security Lights

SEPCO’s solar safety lighting methods are a competent way to offer lighting effects without the need for standard energy energy. Every system provides financial savings by removing the need to trench standard electric wires for set up and providing no electric costs for lifetime of the machine. Solar safety lights are installed on perimeters, parks, paths, motorboat ramps, etc. and offer safety, durability and a broad green picture.

Solar energy for Safety Lighting

Every SEPCO solar safety illumination system comes detailed with a self-contained solar energy assembly sized to operate the certain solar power light fixture depending on the requirements set because of the buyer. Our team designs each system because of the power eaten by the installation and offered sunshine provided by the geographic place of installation. Battery pack backup provides at least ready autonomy for extended battery pack life and take into consideration local weather circumstances.

Every Self-Contained Solar Power Assembly Qualities:
  • Single cell array
  • Recommended full address ventilated aluminum panel cooking pan
  • Welded back station installation bracket
  • Aluminum vented battery pack system with sealed GEL battery packs
  • All control electronics
  • Welded aluminum power bracket to bolt to a-pole or wall surface

Solar Protection Light Accessories

Different style accessories can be found from standard flooding fixtures to overhead style fixtures. Each fixture offers the required lighting amounts and circulation design to supply an ideal lighting effects way to meet up with the requirements associated with application.

Qualities Include:

  • Lamping options including Light-emitting Diode, CFL, LPS, HPS and Metal Halide
  • Maker provided photometrics
  • Black Sky Certified fixtures offered
  • Diverse line of accessories given by our partnerships with Hubbell companies

Recommended Accessories:

  • – large flooding fixture for safety and large location programs
  • – standard utility security installation using LED technology, provides shaped and asymmetrical distributions
  • – modern style fixture much like standard Cobrahead accessories
  • - contemporary mix between a Cobrahead and a shobox fixture

Solar Protection Light Fixture Mounting

  • ST (part of Pole Tenon) bracket provides a 2 3/8” right tenon pipeline for horizontal side of pole mounting in 5” or 24” lengths.
Solar Powered Security Lighting DIY- Motion Activated
Solar Powered Security Lighting DIY- Motion Activated ...
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100 LED Solar Security Light Maxsa 44449 - Solar Powered ...
Smart Off-Grid Webinar: Solar Powered Lighting and Security
Smart Off-Grid Webinar: Solar Powered Lighting and Security
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