Green power solar panels

Green Energy - A Resource Of Preference

1 by 1, your neighbors and neighborhood businesses have actually opted for which will make our environment better by searching for Idaho energy's voluntary Green Power system. It is a good way to bring green energy residence.

Something Green Power?

  • It’s clean. Green energy arises from environmentally-certified projects within the northwest.
  • It’s easy. Within our system, a $6 monthly buy is equal to eliminating one car from the road for a whole year. For every dollar contributed 118 kWh of green energy sources are brought to the location's power grid.

How Can I Participate?

Determine how much you intend to buy. Extent is included each month towards energy costs. The complete amount you designate will undoubtedly be always buy green energy from renewable projects in the Northwest and to support Solar 4R Schools.

To explore suitable standard of participation obtainable, make use of our 2016 Contribution Calculator.
After you have determined the best degree of involvement, subscribe today and start counting the difference you’re making.

Contemplating setting up solar power panels
or small-scale wind turbines?

Our web metering tariff enables clients to set up minor, renewable generation jobs on the home and hook up to Idaho Power's grid system through generator interconnection.

  • 263, 617, 400 kWh's offset by Green energy.
  • 181, 198 Estimated Tons of CO2 Pollution Prevented.
  • 31, 944 Equivalent Autos Not Driven.

Aspects: CO2 = 1.59 weight per kilowatt-hour (kWh) (Source, U.S. EPA); 0.128 automobiles per kWh (Source, U.S. EPA).

I Am Green Power solar panels
I Am Green Power solar panels
Green Power Works Inc - Solar Panels - Wind Turbines - LED
Green Power Works Inc - Solar Panels - Wind Turbines - LED ...
Green Power Works Inc - Wind Turbines - Solar Panels - LED
Green Power Works Inc - Wind Turbines - Solar Panels - LED ...
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