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This SunDollars Referral system contract (“Agreement”) is between OneRoof Energy, Inc. (“ORE”), a Delaware company at 4445 Eastgate Mall, Suite 240, hillcrest, CA 92121 while (“Referral Source”, with ORE, the “Parties”), for several referral fees regarding the residential solar methods.


Referral supply can be in contact with residential homeowners with an intention in residential solar services and products. ORE is within the business of financing domestic solar power methods through its lending options. ORE has consented to offer particular referral charges to your Referral Origin in exchange for competent residential solar power system leads.

In consideration associated with foregoing, and for good and valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which is hereby recognized, the Parties agree the following:

  1. Defined Terms.

Countersigned” indicates a PPA that's been finalized by a Homeowner that constitutes a Qualified lead-in accordance using demands of this arrangement, and it is consequently reviewed and signed by an authorized representative of ORE and it is not consequently terminated or ended.
Homeowner” implies person(s) who hold appropriate title towards Residence which contained in a contribute.
Interconnection” means the full time at which ORE, with its single and absolute discretion, turns in the program after ORE obtains permission to use the device through the local energy having jurisdiction over such System.
Lead” implies all of the after information of the owner of a Residence having expressed a pursuit towards Referral Resource in learning more about installing a System at such Residence: the total name, phone number, email, additionally the road address of these Residence.
Qualified Jurisdiction” indicates specific zip codes within says by which ORE offers residential solar power financing services and products (presently, Ca, Massachusetts and New York) which will probably be communicated to your Referral Resource every so often; provided that ORE reserves the ability to amend the Qualified Jurisdiction without previous notice on Referral Source.
Residence” implies just one household residence positioned in a professional Jurisdiction.
Termination Date” suggests the only 12 months anniversary of this efficient Date.

  1. Referrals; Certified Tiers; Competent Referral Fee.

(a) every once in awhile, the Referral supply may choose to transmit Leads to ORE (name, phone number, current email address and target of Residence of the property owner).
(b) ORE shall get in touch with the Homeowner to set up an in-person conference (the “Site Visit”). At the mercy of the Homeowner’s collaboration, ORE, through its agent shall determine if (i) the Homeowner’s Residence is a single-family, owner-occupied residence, (ii) in line with the estimated typical monthly electric power usage given by the property owner as evidenced by present electric bills, the calculated average monthly electric household bill for such Residence is certainly not less than $125.00, (iii) the property owner fulfills ORE’s credit needs as determined by it with its only and absolute discernment, and (iv) a method is set up on Homeowner’s Residence prior to the relevant needs and tips (including those of ORE and/or its installers) ultimately occasionally. If a niche site Browse happens and clauses (i) and (iv) are determined to be true, the relevant Lead will likely be a “Qualified Lead”. ORE shall notify Referral Source if a Lead does or will not represent a Qualified Lead within 10 calendar days (the “Qualified Lead Notice”).
(c) ORE shall pay the Referral Resource as much as $550.00 when you look at the aggregate per skilled contribute, based mostly on which Tier (as defined below) the Referral Resource belongs to, and susceptible to the payment milestones (the “Payment Milestones”) under. If Referral supply has actually previously supplied to ORE between 1 and 3 competent Leads, he/she shall fit in with Tier 1 (“Tier 1”) of course Referral Source has actually previously supplied 4 or even more Qualified prospects, she or he shall fit in with Tier 2 (“Tier 2”).


Payment Milestones and associated Skilled Lead Charges

Website Visit does occur and Lead determined is a Qualified Lead



Level 1


$250 payable within 15 times following end associated with month where Countersignature does occur

$250 payable within 15 days after the end regarding the month upon which Interconnection does occur

Tier 2

$50 payable within 15 days of the end of the month upon which the website see Occurs additionally the Lead is decided to-be a Qualified Lead

The total amount of the registered contribute Fee is at the mercy of change from time for you to time in the sole discernment of ORE.
(d) If any information about a contribute is fairly based on ORE with its single discretion as having been formerly obtained by ORE from some other supply (including from inner ORE sales, marketing and advertising or prospecting efforts), ORE shall have no obligation to simply take any action regarding such Lead and these types of contribute will not be deemed to-be an experienced contribute.

3. Improvements. ORE reserves the right to amend the contract, its costs, and any facet of the program with its only and absolute discernment. Amendments shall be efficient 1 week of publishing regarding the Company’s authoritative site. Amendments shall maybe not use retroactively to carry out that occurred prior to the effective time of this amendment. The acceptance of every benefits beneath the contract constitutes acceptance of amendments.

4. Term; Termination
(a) This arrangement begins on Effective Date and terminates on the cancellation Date without further action by either Party.
(b) Either Party may end this Agreement at any time as well as for any explanation or no reason upon written notice to another celebration.

5. Relationship of Parties; Expenses. The Parties shall not be deemed in a relationship of lovers or shared venturers by virtue with this arrangement, nor shall any Party be a real estate agent, representative, staff member, trustee or fiduciary regarding the other. Each celebration will probably be completely accountable for the expenditures it incurs through the overall performance of the contract.

Entire Contract. This Agreement is at the mercy of ORE’s complete terms and conditions and privacy on ORE’s internet site.

"NEW"-Solar Energy Photovoltaics,PV Cost , Solar Panel tool
"NEW"-Solar Energy Photovoltaics,PV Cost , Solar Panel tool
Solar Panels Energy
Solar Panels Energy
Solar Panels Cost
Solar Panels Cost
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