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best cell makers in the united states energysagethat the worldwide top solar panel producers in the USA? Business experts at IHS released their particular listing for the 12 months of 2014, considering updated delivery forecasts from each of the companies included. The outcomes are very similar to, albeit with reshuffling. But do you as a solar buyer need certainly to bother about perhaps the business you’re considering is one of the ‘big 10’?

Solar panel positioning: volume vs quality

Because IHS’s positions are based on the total volume of solar panel systems that businesses ship because of the end of 2014, becoming within the top position cannot necessarily mean they offer the best high quality panel. Some of the smaller producers specialize in advanced items, whereas most of the larger makers have actually gotten to in which they've been by both making a panel when it comes to large amount market or by focusing their efforts on large-scale tasks. That being said, a business’s proven capacity to create and sell a large amount of item is testimony to its brand’s credibility, engendering trust among customers and installers alike.

The biggest thing so that you could consider as a solar buyer should discriminate among them to obtain the panel that most useful matches your needs and budget.

Under our system, panels are categorized as Premium, Standard or Economy according to standard requirements. If you’re thinking about learning more info on how panels are rated, see our Solar Buyer’s Guide.

In which are the most useful solar panels becoming made?

It’s no surprise to find that numerous of IHS’s top-ranking businesses are from Asia, as the bulk of the world’s solar panels are made indeed there. Two US and two Japanese companies in addition made the cut, with one of each – Kyocera and SunPower – tied for 10th destination.

As we’ve noted before, however, a panel’s country of manufacture just isn't often the most critical consideration for someone going solar. Rather, we will discover a balance between cost and high quality, with a panel’s nation of manufacture being a second consideration – a potential deal-breaker.

Top ten solar panel manufacturers and EnergySage cell calculator

A large part of determining cell high quality is understanding the metrics and elements that determine it such module performance and performance. Check-out to better realize considerable attributes that will influence your cell overall performance. To give you a sense of how the top-ranking makers build up against the other person when it comes to quality, we’ve presented IHS’s top-ranked businesses below alongside their EnergySage quality position. As well as you can see, one regarding the companies – SunPower – accomplished significantly more than a ‘Standard’ position. But none of the companies included an ‘economy’ ranking – suggesting the listed businesses may not have cultivated to their current dimensions without at the least mid-quality products.

Also notable would be the fact that not all company that made the IHS record features a substantial share regarding the US domestic solar powered energy market.

Display: Top solar power Manufacturers 2014 – Global position by volume, United States market share & EnergySage quality ranking

*Source: IHS

**Source: SEIA / GTM Research


  • When it comes to high quality, the largest solar panel makers are not necessarily the greatest.
  • At exactly the same time, the top ten installers provide about ‘Standard’ quality panels, so size generally seems to count for something.
  • In which a company is based is mainly unimportant with regards to panel high quality.
Trina Solar panels manufacturer
Trina Solar panels manufacturer
Solar Power -- Install Solar Panels & Save Money On
Solar Power -- Install Solar Panels & Save Money On ...
Solar Panel Manufacturers
Solar Panel Manufacturers
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