Mobile solar power trailer

Fossil-fuel based electrical energy manufacturing causes more harm to the environmental surroundings than any other single personal task. Solar power is cleaner, quieter and more lasting. But is it affordable? SolaRover offers a compelling case against diesel considering the lasting prices: the capital spending for a SolaRover™ Mobile solar energy System remains fixed, while continuous incremental prices for the fuel and upkeep required by fossil gasoline powered technical generators continue to accrue. Demand a solar vs. diesel ROI evaluation tailored to your needs of your business.

Noiseless, fumeless, no emissions, zero maintenance* — the ideal Cellphone Solar Power System to satisfy your needs. Every system is custom configured with chosen options, in addition to the standard functions.

Upgraded Batteries, Panels, plus

  • Aluminum Frame for Mojave 3
  • Power Management System
  • Insulated Power Package
  • Cool Cell Power Enclosure
  • Extensive Inverter Warranty
  • For more details speak to your SolaRover representative.

*FOB Factory plus applicable sales fees Run 24/7 YES MAYBE Sound NO YES Pollution Performance CurveNO YES Lifespan 20-30 YRS 3-5 YRS Regular Repair NO YES Filters NO YES Overhauls NO YES Tax Credits YES NO FUEL COST 0 $3/GAL & UP NO LOAD GAS USE MINIMAL EXCESSIVE

Customization Choices - Mojave and/or Alvord Series

Ask us for whatever unique features the job requires — our ingenuity is to the challenge. Current options feature but are not limited to:

  • 1.8 to 6.0 cell Array
  • To 110kW Hours of electric battery storage space
  • To 6 HE Inverters matching 30kVA generator ability
  • 120/240 outlets or 208 3 stage
  • Generator hybrid inclusion
  • Protection bundle
  • Secure storage for electric equipment and tools
  • Workcenter with work desk, outlets and canopy


SolaRover™ Cellphone solar energy Systems can be configured to meet specific requirements for:

  • Agriculture and Ranching
  • Building
  • Drilling, Mining, Pumping
  • Entertainment and occasions
  • Emergency Solutions
  • Disaster Relief
  • Classrooms or Offices
  • Research Places
  • Command Centers
  • Military Businesses
Food Concession Trailer Solar Powered,
Food Concession Trailer Solar Powered, www ...
GreenTow mobile solar trailer
GreenTow mobile solar trailer
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