Running air conditioner on solar power

Hindi Translation: एयर कंडीशनर और अन्य ज़्यादा बिजली खपत उपकरणों का सोलर पीवी पर इस्तेमाल

With increasing power tariffs, power cuts and decreasing cell rates, there is lots of interest in visitors to follow solar power technologies. A few months back we began placing our analysis on solar technologies on our site and since after that we gotten a huge selection of questions on photovoltaic alongside solar power technologies. Something that we now have seen is very typical is the fact that individuals wish run air conditioning units or water heaters or pumps using solar PV. Today these appliances are high power eating appliances and so their particular utilization of photovoltaic needs a unique interest. Using this article we might highlight the precise difficulties and solutions. It is also recommended that before going through this informative article, you read another article on our website: solar power electric, solar power thermal, energy generation, inverters, grid, off-grid: clearing the cobweb.


Air conditioning units and liquid Heaters tend to be high wattage devices. When a compressor of an air conditioner is running it requires high current. Here are some representative wattage based on ac unit dimensions:


Maximum Wattage

Max kVA (presuming 0.85 energy aspect)

1 Ton

1300 Watts or 1.3 kW

1.6 kVA

1.5 Ton

1900 Watts or 1.9 kW

2.4 kVA

2 Ton

2500 Watts or 2.5 kW

3 kVA

The wattage the following is instantaneous energy need and/or electrical energy needed when most of the components of air conditioner are operating. However it varies through the flowing of an air conditioner because compressor switches off if the heat of the room achieves the amount set in the thermoregulator. At that time the compressor is powered down, the electricity consumption is just for a few elements floating around conditioner, that is not as. In addition the initial starting existing is large.

Likewise for electric water heaters the wattage requirement is 2-4 kW or 2000-4000 Watts. The large wattage is needed just till water is heated to a certain heat.

Solar Air Conditioning
Solar Air Conditioning
Solar Split Air Conditioner
Solar Split Air Conditioner
Solar Power Status Air Conditioner Running @90 Degrees
Solar Power Status Air Conditioner Running @90 Degrees ...
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