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resolve my issue with TVS.

================================ 18th Feb 2016 - I typed:
Firstly I’d want to say concerning the installing of my solar power system, that I’m happy aided by the good quality of installation work, the ability Inverter provided while the solar power panels offered. The machine is working perfectly and it creates near the rated 5kw during top whether conditions. On these details alone I would personally have given TVS a rating of 5 movie stars. However, the fact is that I feel that i have been misled - read on.

We obtained and accepted an offer via e-mail from True Value Solar stating: “limited systems available at a great cost!”
Composed of 5kW Inverter.
20x250w High Efficiency Panels.
Plus 2 ADDED BONUS panels free.

I was later recommended that as a result of a 5kw maximum (20 x 250w solar energy panels) limitation set by AusNet (my community Supplier), that 22 solar panel systems would not be permitted and then the full 22 panels would not be installed/provided. On expression, this seems unusual in my opinion as TVS were already conscious of my location from past communications (same ref: T454637), so you may wonder why they'd offer myself 2 incentive Panels realizing that I are now living in an AusNet area. But to compensate myself the increased loss of these 2 extra panels, I was supplied a monitoring option that would let me monitor my energy consumption, saying it represented $400 value. Therefore after considering the offer we accepted the revised deal, with only 20 panels, plus inclusion of a $400 tracking solution.

On the day the device had been delivered & put in, I was very dissatisfied to discover that the tracking product TVS provided (retailing at $99) had been really standard and only provides monitoring of the energy being produced through the solar energy panels rather than my 'power use' (grid usage) that TVS promised i'd be able to monitor.

This is just what TVS stated within their modified provide: “This update offers a Digital show, LCD, wi-fi Home Energy Monitor - to help you monitor your power use and employ your body as effectively possible, this will be respected at $400”. Note they demonstrably reported 'monitor your energy use', perhaps not monitor your solar energy created.
Furthermore, my agreement states the availability of a: wi-fi Home Energy track. Meaning for me an ability observe my 'Home' energy utilized, it generally does not state a 'PV Energy track'.

The $400 price towards a monitoring option was obviously maybe not delivered by TVS when they provided this very standard tracking device that will just display output being generated from solar power panels. This monitoring by itself are unable to offer ways to "use one's body as effectively as possible", without knowing just what energy has been eaten off grid, against what energy has been generated from solar.

I informed TVS that they couldn't supply me personally utilizing the tracking solution that was agreed on. We asked for they often refund me $400 or offer the monitoring answer as promised in the revised offer. Their particular reaction would be to let me know that they had considered my issue and therefore I'd decided to and accepted the revised provide, therefore effectively - Suck it Up.

Really, obviously i did so consent to their modified provide, nevertheless that arrangement was pre-installation with the expectation that TVS is delivering the right monitoring solution worth $400. TVS provided myself (also it seems other individuals inside discussion board) a false impression that they would supply a monitoring answer really worth $400+ and that we might have the ability to monitor our 'power usage' and "use one's body as effectively as you are able to". I believe not.

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