Solar Powered GPS Watch

The world’s very first watch to include a hybrid of GPS and Atomic timekeeping technology the Gravitymaster GPW-1000 links with both satellites and radiowaves to deliver precise UTC time across all the world’s timezones.

GPS Satellite Broadcast
Wave Reception

Prompt show associated with correct time around the globe.

Reception of present area positioning and time information from GPS satellites.
Time area dedication through automatic analysis of positioning information
Determination of existing area’s Daylight Saving Time status and automated screen of correct time.

Absolute Toughness
Universal Precision

Multi-band 6

Terrestrial Broadcast Wave Reception
Reception of time-calibration signals and display for the correct time, even inside buildings in densely built-up districts.

Time-calibration reception in Japan (2 transmission stations). United states, the UK, Germany, and China.

Broadcast wave reception inside structures *In the area of windows and other places with great reception

Energy-efficient reception available.

Triple G Resist

Wearable into the harshest conditions
The pursuit of sustained toughness has actually produced a tough structure that compares to 3 forms of effective gravitational acceleration: shocks, centrifugal forces and vibrations. The power to work generally in most intense conditions makes it possible for users to make best use of the GPS hybrid radio wave reception system’s unique ability to obtain transmissions in every section of the world.

Band attachment structure
The band is affixed securely into the situation with 2.3 mm diameter screws inserted from both sides at 1.5x the typical tightening torque. Pipes offering as housings turn freely to alleviate the situation of loosening because of oscillations.

Hard Solar

a solar power converts even poor lighting from fluorescent lighting into electric power. a rechargeable battery with a sizable power storage ability supports steady operation of varied features with high electricity consumption. You never have to worry about the battery running-down given that it's a solar electric battery.

Solar Powered
Casio watches with solar power technology, enjoy thermal and electrical power that recharges the view electric batteries through solar panel systems regarding face of the watch.

Solar Powered Flash-light-Speedometer-GPS for my eBike. A
Solar Powered Flash-light-Speedometer-GPS for my eBike. A ...
Solar GPS Watch Citizen Satellite Wave Eco Drive
Solar GPS Watch Citizen Satellite Wave Eco Drive
Seiko Astron GPS solar-powered Watch
Seiko Astron GPS solar-powered Watch
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