Ipswich solar power

Ipswich solar panel system deals

Estimated system performance in Ipswich

These records relates to north facing and unshaded solar energy methods installed in Ipswich and it is according to elements suitable to Ipswich area problems.

1.59kW (6 x 265 Watt solar panels)

  • Normal daily system result in Ipswich: 6.8796 kWh**
  • Minimum daily (month-to-month average) result: 4.4496 kWh**
  • Optimum day-to-day (month-to-month average) result: 9.1962 kWh**
  • Normal yearly result: 2512 kWh**
  • Annual electricity worth: $753 **
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3.18kW (12 x 265 Watt solar panel systems)

  • Normal day-to-day system result in Ipswich: 13.7592 kWh**
  • Minimum daily (month-to-month average) production: 8.8992 kWh**
  • Optimum everyday (month-to-month average) manufacturing: 18.3924 kWh**
  • Average annual production: 5024 kWh**
  • Estimated yearly electrical energy value: $1507 **
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5.3kW (20 x 265 Watt solar power panels)

  • Typical everyday system output in Ipswich: 22.932 kWh**
  • Minimal daily (monthly average) system result: 14.832 kWh**
  • Optimum daily (monthly average) solar power result: 30.654 kWh**
  • Average annual production with this system: 8374 kWh**
  • Approximate value of this electricity annually: $2512 **
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Solar installments in Ipswich, QLD, 4305

You will find 6144 photovoltaic installments in Ipswich's postcode, 4305, totaling 16652.84 kW of capacity. The 4305 postcode makes up 0.434percent of all solar power installations in Australia.

solar power installations in IpswichThe map below programs installments Energy issues and its particular parent organization has actually carried out in Ipswich location.

The average system dimensions in Ipswich is 2.71kW as well as the Australian average is 2.99kW.

System proprietors in Ipswich's postcode location tend to be creating an average of 80100 kWh daily, preserving them collectively more or less 0901 month-to-month and 70968 yearly**. The electrical energy produced by arrays inside 4305 postcode is enough to completely power 4626 Australian domiciles.

Ipswich solar power carbon offset

System proprietors in Ipswich's postcode are collectively preventing 29237 tonnes (coal fired energy) or 11695 tonnes (gas-fired energy) of carbon emissions every year; the same as taking 4198 - 10494 vehicles off Ipswich's roads.

Other associated Ipswich information

Ipswich's coordinates tend to be -27.614604, 152.760876 and its particular climate station is situated at Archefield/Brisbane. Archefield/Brisbane climate place reports the following normal readings:

  • Solar power irradiation in Ipswich: 4.81 kWh/sq m/day
  • Wind-speed: 3.28 m/s
  • Air pressure: 100.39 kPa
  • Humidity: 72.36percent
  • Air heat: 19.88 degrees C
  • World temperature:22.81 degrees C

** Notes on system performance in Ipswich

Figures overhead are approximations just - e.g., the retail worth of electricity for Ipswich families is dependant on 30c per kilowatt-hour.

Source: www.energymatters.com.au
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