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Announces Mr. Ajay Goel since the Chief Executive Officer

Tata BP Solar India Limited today formally launched title switch to Tata energy Solar techniques Limited (Tata Power Solar). Within a previously announced restructuring, Tata Power Solar is currently a wholly owned subsidiary of Tata energy - the greatest incorporated utility company in Asia.

Besides, Tata Power Solar also launched a unique ceo (CEO), Mr. Ajay Goel - an alumnus of IIT-Delhi with an MBA through the University of Chicago. He brings over twenty years of broad business experience to the staff, using last 5 years deeply focused on leading and transforming the facial skin of this solar power business in North America.

Under the management of the brand new CEO, Ajay Goel, Tata Power Solar is preparing to make the solar company ahead with renewed vitality.

"I am undoubtedly excited and honored to join a team that pioneered the solar business in Asia and remains at its vanguard despite 20 dynamic many years. Using its deep roots and enthusiasm for solar power, Im certain that we are going to make Tata Power Solar the best solar power business inside world”, said Mr. Ajay Goel CEO, Tata energy Solar.

Among the largest solar power companies in India, Tata Power Solar provides:

  • An array of revolutionary solar power methods and solutions for rural and commercial areas, supported by a network of 150 dealers and solution centers
  • The expertise and abilities to supply total EPC solutions for big grid-connected solar energy plants. They completed 50MW of these jobs last year
  • An enhanced 84MW solar cell factory and 125MW module manufacturing unit
  • A reliable green staff of over 600 employees, with deep expertise in solar

On core of Tata Power Solar is the enthusiasm to use solar energy to carry electricity into the masses. It has electrified more than 500 rural villages in India and installed over 100 solar energy plants in tough terrains of Ladakh. Also, the Company develops special power solutions for large industrial customers like railways, security and telecommunications.

Mr. Anil Sardana, handling Director, Tata Power, pointed out that, "In line with Tata energy's commitment to clean, green power, we have been thrilled to incorporate Tata Power Solar as a sunrise company into our businesses. Tata Power Solar symbolizes our focus and enthusiasm for sustainability and take care of the environment and moves us nearer to our dedication to sustainability and lighting-up lives”.

About Tata Energy Solar
Tata energy Solar was started in 1989 as a partnership between Tata and British Petroleum and currently works on their own as a wholly owned subsidiary of Tata energy. The core of Tata Power Solar is targeted on harnessing solar technology to bring electricity towards public. It runs primarily in three key portions- big utility projects, commercial solutions and standard services and products & methods for mass markets. It owns and operates over 80MW of solar cellular production and over 120MW of solar module production at its head office in Bangalore...

Source: www.tatapower.com
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Tata Power Solar Systems Limited - Enlightening Lives (Leh
Tata Power Solar Systems Limited - Enlightening Lives (Leh ...
solar power
solar power
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