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The view that never ever prevents, anywhere you might be.

Inventing a technology assure watch that never ever stops all over the world had been one of the difficulties for CITIZEN.

In 1976, we created the world’s initially light-powered analog quartz view that runs using only light as an electrical source. This technology, now known as “Eco-Drive, ” can generate power from any source of light, synthetic, natural and even dim light to help keep watches running without ever replacing battery packs.

As a pioneer regarding the area, we put brand-new difficulties for ourselves to carry forth the total potential of energy generation using light.

CITIZEN’s Eco-Drive technology has won acclaim in Japan as well as other nations for its contribution to ecological security.Picture2 In 1996, an Eco-Drive view ended up being selected given that first view to qualify for the Eco Mark, a label handled by the Japan Environment Association (JEA). In 2014, CITIZEN became initial watchmaker to earn a Gold Prize in the JEA’s Eco Mark Awards.

Watches Run On Light

Picture3Eco-Drive is designed to transform both normal and synthetic light into energy to power watches. Watches with Eco-Drive don't require any battery replacement, charging or winding to maintain continual operation.

An easy task to charge in Dim Light

Eco-Drive is made to ensure that any light source, no matter how dim, will generate the vitality needed seriously to power the watch.

Light itself is the actual only real energy source required to inform enough time with an Eco-Drive view.

Darkness Is not an issue

One of the elements that distinguishes CITIZEN’s Eco-Drive from other methods of maintaining watches running all the time is its “power life.”

2Eco-Drive watches continue working for more than six months* on a complete cost, even yet in complete darkness.

Through our energy saving purpose, CITIZEN makes it possible to develop watches that can operate for seven years without light.

*There are exceptions which works not as much as six months without light.

Light-Powered Generation

Eco-Drive effortlessly converts any light, including artificial, all-natural and even dim light, into energy without compromises on watch design. CITIZEN has concentrated its development efforts on two several types of solar panels.

Ring Solar

This ring-shaped solar power cellular wraps around the dial and converts light into power effectively. Permits even more design flexibility regarding the dial, while the dial surface doesn't have become transparent to allow light to pass through.

Traditional Solar

This is the most often used solar power cell in CITIZEN’s watches today. It converts light into energy with high performance as it sits beneath the switch.

Preserving Energy

CITIZEN has devoted itself to enhancing its technologies for power saving watch motions. Our quest for innovation has allowed us to create towards the marketplace many light-powered watches with enhanced functions and styles.

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Citizen Nighthawk Solar Powered Watch Review
Citizen Nighthawk Solar Powered Watch Review
700 Dollar Citizen Eco Drive Solar Powered Watch
700 Dollar Citizen Eco Drive Solar Powered Watch
Citizen Nighthawk solar powered watch
Citizen Nighthawk solar powered watch
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